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The challenge for the new decade

Organisations are only as robust as the individuals who serve in them.

How we engage others contributes enormously to the success of our organisations. Ultimately, understanding ourselves is key for successful relationships - dispersed, digital, organisational, personal.  This need has never been more relevant.

At Board level, understanding how we make decisions, and how we engage others is more crucial than ever as we navigate global and local challenges.

Successful CEO and C-suite appointments - and the relationships these involve - are critical in seeing into our future, identifying opportunities as well as managing risk. 

Leadership, now an early-in-career requirement, must be developed to address the unique challenges of the 2020s and beyond. We start by asking 'Who are you? What is unique about you as a leader?' Coaching is shown to be a vital leadership development tool.

We have the depth to provide insight into the most complex leader issues of our time.

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Identifying and developing Executive leaders for the challenges of a new decade

Today's CEO or C-Suite executive must inspire, as well as show a strategic focus. Empathy and engagement play a big part in the success - or otherwise  - of a CEO or senior leader, along with humility, curiosity, innovation and a learning orientation. The ability to provide - and receive - challenging feedback, while continuing to motivate others remains a core competency.


As psychologists, we are pleased to offer something that differs us from the others. Using best-in-class psychometric assessment, our independent, evidence-based process can describe, explain and predict how any leader will relate to and engage with others to create value in challenging circumstances. We work effectively with executive leaders to shift the dial in key areas to create success.

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Developing crucial & relevant leadership skills at all levels 

Leadership development  has changed from ‘cherry picking’ those who may look like they will succeed in the future, to a much more evidence-based approach.  Leadership development can encompass early, middle and senior stages of leadership, using both 1:1 development as well as program - based  approaches. Developing leaders early in career has been shown to add significant value especially during turbulent times. As psychologists, we use key behavioural insights and evidence to ensure development is both effective and accessible. 

1:1 Coaching for development

Coaching is essential for the success of any leader today. Leaders must understand and leverage key strengths, while embracing challenges, in order to lead effectively. From a single session to a more lengthy engagement, we use current methods, combined with behavioural insights to ensure our leaders are able to move ahead with insight and clarity.

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Working to positively impact the Board ecosystem

Board Consulting Services

We support the Board to achieve optimal functioning. Starting with a 'deep- dive' discovery, we generate solutions, understanding the ecosystem, the issues and the people. Our process is designed to identify risk, describe the strengths, to positively impact the Board, helping it to understand and utilise its own dynamics, attitudes and behaviours. 

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Refreshing your Board's talent

Independent, evidence - based selection and appointment services for short-term and permanent appointments. We

select the right expertise, relative to specific requirements, agreed at the outset. We ensure that key strengths - and challenges - are clearly identified to support integration with an existing Board.

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